The Origami Calendar is the creation of Margaret Van Sicklen. It started as a nutty recycling idea - a way to use up discarded pages torn from another page-a-day calendar. It has grown into a wonderful project, which has allowed me to meet folks from across the country and around the world.

It was and continues to be a huge undertaking. I want to thank everyone that has helped me with this project - it would have been truly impossible without them. Firstly, I would like to thank OrigamiUSA for all the encouragement and endless supply of information, especially Jan Polish, Toby Schwarz and Steve Lavoie. Special thanks to my editor David Allender at Workman Publishing for believing in and suporting an original idea. I would also like to thank the following ingenious origamist for allowing me to include their models in my calendar. These folders keep an art form thousands of years old, fresh and constantly growing. Dreaming up new ways of folding a simple piece of paper into remarkable forms.

A sincere Thanks.

Rachel Katz • Gay Merrill Gross • Anita Barbour • Laura Kruskal • Dorothy Engleman • Perry Bailey • Kenji Houston • Jeremy Shafer • Jared Needle • Matt Slayton • Meredith Trauner • Carole Restall • Michelle Tait • Edwin Young • Florence Temko • Ranana Benjamin • V'Ann Cornelius & Bennett Arnstein • Mark Turner • Karen Reeds • Mette Pederson • Cyril Tessier • Todd Barton • Dorothy Kaplan • Becky Berman • Aaron Einbond • Ron Weinstock • David Pacheco • Nathan Ascher • Charrie Mascio • John R. S. Mascio • Wendy Zeichner • Jen Buhrow • Edith Braun • Meg Grady-Troia • Aldo Putignano • John Geist • Ross Kohler • Edwin Corrie • Sergei Afonkin • Susanna Kricskovics • Javier Caboblanco • Enrique Nieto Pardetro • Peter Budai • Edwin Steele • Haui Balazs • Jose Arley Moreno • Milada Bláhova • Nick Robinson • Zoltán Ács • Yuri and Katrin Shumakov • Haui Boglárka • Péter Endrődi • Baba Alvó • Mary Kao • Sándor Dombi • Mark Kennedy • Carol Tams • Papa Joe • Mark Kirschenbaum

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