The Origami Calendar is an innovative concept in Page-A-Day calendars.
Every day of the year you get to transform the square sheets of the calendar into a colorful 3D Origami creation. In 2008, the Origami Calendar, an original idea of Margaret Van Sicklen’s back in 1999, celebrates its eighth folding year and its continuing partnership with the fabulous folks at Workman Publishing Inc.

Here is how it works:
Easy Origami Calendar
As usual at the start of each new day you tear off the previous day's page. But instead of tossing out yesterday's page you fold it according to the easy Origami instructions printed on the following day. For example on Tuesday you would tear off Monday's page and reveal the instructions for an Origami swan. Follow the instructions and create an object of beauty out of yesterday.

Origamists the world over have kindly contributed their models, giving this project a truly international flavor. Combining traditional and original models, this calendar is a wonderful introduction to the world of paper folding. As the year advances so will your skill and knowledge of this ancient art, Origami.

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Easy Origami Calendar. Starting with the 2004 edition I am no longer associated with the Easy Origami Calendar published by Accord Publishing.

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